• Stop chasing faxes.
    Start using Clarity.
    Over 50% of referrals never result in patient visits. Why?
    They are still sitting in your pile of faxes. Manage your
    referrals in one streamlined work list with Clarity.
  • Complete, schedule-ready referrals.
    Clarity delivers pre-authorized referrals to your practice,
    enabling you to schedule patients immediately.
  • Customized solution for your practice.
    Clarity’s affordable referral management solution is fit for
    your workflow and budget. We connect with your EMR,
    allowing information to flow seamlessly.
  • Focused imaging solution.
    Take the guess work out of insurance authorizations.
    Clarity’s imaging order expertise means consistent insurance
    validations delivered with your referrals.

Clarity simplifies and accelerates patient referrals.

Our web-based referral management platform is customized for your practice’s workflow and budget.

The Clarity Difference

Today, over 50% of patient referrals never result in visits. The problem? Inefficient technology and poor communication. Clarity cuts through the noise to deliver a simple and secure web-based referral management solution. More than a communication platform, our service team quickly and accurately delivers pre-authorized referrals, allowing your practice to schedule patients immediately. The result? Better care coordination for your patients and more business for your practice.

Clarity meets your practice where it’s at today and will continue to grow with you. Our web-based platform means there is no hardware to install, all you need is an internet browser. Whether you want to integrate your EMR or fax machine, our team will help customize a solution to meet you every step of the way. Our experts will conduct an in-depth workflow analysis to understand your existing processes and establish key metrics for success, ensuring you receive value starting day one.

  • Referral Management
  • Insurance Processing
  • Clarity Reporting
  • Emergency Department Discharge
  • Surgery Notifications & Authorization
  • EMR Integration
  • Case Management
  • Transitions of Care